GIOH – General Israel Orphans Home – located in Jerusalem. We serve all of Israel's orphans. Both traditional orphans who have tragically lost their parents as well as living orphans who have no place to call home – they all find a loving and caring environment here at GIOH... Read More
GIOH – General Israel Orphans Home – runs many different programs. Beginning with young adolescents and all the way up through post-high school our young girls truly flourish under GIOH's wings. They learn many techniques of survival in today's world. Read More
GIOH relies on generous people such as yourself to support our tremendous work. Your donation will allow GIOH to continue providing a home for the hundreds of girls throughout Israel that are thirsting for love and a place they can call home.
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Watch and learn all about GIOH and its roots. See first hand the beauty of our work and how every girl shines in our truly remarkable atmosphere. GIOH means the world to these precious children and they mean the world to us. We are truly the largest family in Israel!
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